Since 2007, we have led the effort to fight hunger in our community in a manner that respects the dignity of the people we serve.


Our Mission

  • Provide resources as available to anyone expressing need
  • Encourage awareness and participation of the community in the mission of the Fall City Community Food Pantry (FCCFP)
  • Promote and advocate solutions to address poverty and hunger in the Snoqualmie Valley

Our mission shall be carried out without benefit for our members and any profits or other gains acquired shall be used to further the mission of the organization.

The Fall City Community Food Pantry is an all-volunteer run organization with no paid staff.

The Fall City Community Food Pantry has helped served more than 1,200 community members this year alone. We are inspired to fulfill our mission and fight hunger each day.
— Cheryl Duncan, FCCFP Board President

Our Achievements

  • We serve more than 1200 clients each year through our 100 percent volunteer- run organization.
  • We partner with neighborhood clubs, schools, churches and other organizations to provide food security to those in need.
  • We donate funds to neighboring organizations who provide more than 90 backpacks weekly to students in need in the Snoqualmie Valley.
  • We provide baby items for our clients including car seats, diapers, baby food, bags of clothing and more.