Kids Who Care


This month we are highlighting just a few of the many examples of caring kids in our community and how their thoughtfulness and efforts truly make a difference to those in need.

Ten year old Ridley Kippen visited the Food Pantry during the evening shift on December 20. With the money she raised by selling her own books and original artwork at the St. Louise School in Bellevue, she purchased and delivered several bags filled with thoughtful items for adults and children who come to the Pantry. For adults, she donated assorted gift cards and bags filled with toiletries, socks, gloves, flashlights, first aid kits, manicure sets, shaving cream and toothpaste. For the children, she chose adorable stuffed animals, sets of colored pencils, felt pens, water colors, coloring books and play dough. Ridley said she enjoys giving because she “likes to see happy faces on children and parents."

Another group of eight young benefactors collected food and cash for the Food Pantry. Because they wanted to do something for the community, members of the Kids Club of the Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center in Fall City collected donations at their youth-run NWNHC Holiday Open House event.


Many more youth support the Food Pantry and community through similar efforts. Students from local schools donate and collect items for food drives or hold fundraisers like the recent Empty Bowls event. Kid-centered efforts this past year have also included donating hats, mittens and gloves, passing on their own toys, books and clothes in good condition or just stopping by unexpectedly with a bag of food they have asked their parents to purchase or that they have purchased themselves. Finally, we have numerous school age children who enjoy volunteering with a parent on our Wednesday distribution evenings.

Our hearts are warmed to see so many young people showing generosity and compassion to those who have less than they do. Thank you all so much!